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About this project

Trickey is a radically new, building blocks style keyboard. You can fully customize your keyboard layouts from scratch! In Trickey, key unit itself has a specific character inside. So, key ‘a’ works as ‘a’ at any location of a keyboard. Of course, keys are completely programmable with writer software on your PC. You can also program keyboard shortcuts like ‘Ctrl+S’ to a single key. Each board unit has 2×3 slots for inserting key units. If you want larger keyboard, you can assemble a larger board by combining units like jigsaw puzzle. Trickey inspires you to create your own key input environment.


Are you satisfied with your input environments? Aren’t you bothered by wastefully big full size keyboard?Check it out, Trickey will help you!

A New way of keyboard

Unlike conventional keyboards, Trickey’s keys can be arranged freely. The keys are designed to fit into a grid of sockets, and when a key is placed, it will produce a specific character regardless of which socket the key is placed in.
The board unit holds the connectors on four sides, and with them Trickey can be expanded as you like.
You can build completely original keyboard in a few minutes.

How to assign a character

The keys are programmable via the writer software on your PC. Each keys can be rewritten whenever you want to.
You can also make combinations. Here is the long-awaited Ctrl+Z key.

Freedom of key design

Trickey’s key has a removable transparent top cover.
You can download key design templates on our website, or also create your favorite one with image editing software.

What is it for?

Original game controller

Who doesn’t like game controllers with customized design? Here is the one idea from fanatics of World of Tanks!A keyboard which is optimized and designed for WoT!

Minimalist keyboard for editing software

Tired of using a full-size keyboard just for a graphics tablet or MIDI actuation?
Such software only requires limited number of keys, and other keys are covered with dust.
Don’t need full keyboard anymore when using editing software. Trickey kick the board out from the messy desk by customizing minimalist keyboard only.
Of course, you can use both Trickey and normal keyboard at the same time.

To commercialize the product

Commercial version of Trickey is ready to be launched, and it needs a plastic injection mold.
So please back us!


Pledge $1 or more

Thank you for your supsport!!
We’ll list your name on our web page.

Pledge $99 or more

Get Trickey standard kit – 1 board unit , 6 key units, 1 spare key unit
You can create your own key input environment with 6 keys !

50 backers limited

Pledge $139 or more

Get Trickey standard kit – 1 board unit , 6 key units, 1 spare key unit
You can create your own key input environment with 6 keys !

Pledge $279 or more

Get Trickey master kit – 2 board units , 12 key units, 2 spare key unis
You can create various style input environments.

Pledge $559 or more

Get Trickey professional kit – 4 board units , 24 key units, 4 spare key units
You can create any controller for any software !

Pledge $839 or more

Get Trickey crazy hot kit – 6 board units , 36 key units, 6 spare key units!!
Please tell us what you use Trickey for!!

About us

Originally the idea and first prototype of Trickey comes out from the students in the University of Tokyo. For achieving commercialization of the product, original inventors and robotics engineers from QibiTech Inc. made a Trickey team:

Keisuke Shiro – Product manager and co-inventor of Trickey (Univ. of Tokyo / QibiTech)
Toru Ogawa – Engineer and co-inventor of Trickey(Univ. of Tokyo)
Naoyuki Takashima – Blacksmith & mechanical engineer(QibiTech)
Sayaka Kishikawa – Designer(QibiTech)
Tomoaki Yoshikai – Robotics engineer(QibiTech)

QibiTech Inc. operates BBM (BreadBoard Maniac) brand and several products are successfully funded with Kickstarter so far. Our goal is to give you a great thrill and pleasure through our research achievement.

Risks and challenges

Manufacturing Process

Due to beginning of production after achieving the goal, goods would be delivered in 3-4 months.

Product Strength

Even though we chose attachment parts carefully, too much repetition of detaching / attaching (say, thousands of repetition,,) can cause some communication failure.


Too much keys makes some latency. The number of keys should be less than the ones in full-size keyboard.

Shipment of Product

If you wish earlier delivery, we will charge extra freight cost separately.

About Future Plan

We have already and successfully negotiated an agreement with manufacturing factories. Now, we are on the steps that we can put a plan into action if we could have enough support.